Angel's Fire is a home grown business based in the heart of the beautiful Swan Valley in NW Montana.  We believe in an ingredient list that's simple and free from dyes and chemicals. Each batch of delicious habanero jam is crafted by hand, one pot at a time, tested for quality, and delivered from our home to yours.


Our products include:  Mild, Medium, Chipotle, Hot, and Inferno.  


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Meet the Heat


A delicate balance of flavorful peppers and sweet jelly without the heat. Perfect for glazing ham or dipping nugs.


Our most popular product, this jelly kicks on the afterburners. Use it for tempura battered shrimp or over cream cheese with crackers. 



If you like to feel the satisfying burn of habenero in your belly, this one is for you. Don't worry, you'll still have all the flavor to accompany the fire. Use this on a BLT to change your life.


All the flavor and depth of our Mild jelly with a little bit of heat. Great for sandwiches and dips,


Smokey, sweet, and a little bit of heat. You'll love this mixed in with your favorite BBQ sauce, as a glaze, or even poured over pork chops.

Red Chili Pods